For Those Elite Adventurers

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Amidst the beauties of Armstrong County, are great opportunities for an elite group of adventurers.

These adventurers possess the courage of the Vikings, the wisdom of Shakespeare, the exploratory spirit of Christopher Columbus, and the fearless strength–mental and physical–of bear wrestlers.

They endure long treks through the blistering summer heat, are willing to traverse any terrain, and are thrilled to embrace even the most daunting challenges with enthusiasm.

So why would anyone do this to themselves?

The honor, prestige, and the chance to be THE “very best like no one ever was” might be reasons.

We are referring to, of course, Pokemon trainers. And here at the Tourist Bureau, we proudly welcome them and their journeying spirits.

That’s right–there’s no need to climb Mt. Everest in hopes of catching an Articuno, or to break into Area 51 to catch a Mewtwo…Pokemon sightings are abundant right here in Armstrong County — The Heart of Western Pennsylvania.



Pokemon sighting while safely parked outside the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Worthington.

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