Butler County Community College at Armstrong

Non Profit


Butler County Community College now offers a variety of programs in Armstrong County at the NexTier Adult Learning Center at Lenape Tech.  Whether you are interested in business, psychology, or transferring to earn your bachelor’s degree, BC3 at Armstrong is the Smart Place to Start.  Since 1965, BC3 has focused on providing affordable and accessible education, training, and enrichment opportunities responsive to the needs of the communities we serve.  BC3 has an Open Admissions policy, accepting any student with a high school diploma or GED.  Up to 70% of BC3 students receive fincancial aid, and many actually graduate debt-free.   We say we’re the Smart PLace to Start and we are.  It’s simple, we want you to get what you need, so you can do what you want to do.


104 Armstrong Street
Ford City, PA 16226




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