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When US Grant was made General in Chief in March of 1864, Lincoln asked his strategy, to which Grant replied, that the plan was quite simple. All the armies of the United States would engage the rebels simultaneously, so the rebels would not be able to shore up any areas needing more support. He would order attacks on the Confederates, continuously, across all the sections of the Union, until they ran out of men and resources and were forced to surrender.

Often times referred to as “The Overland Campaign,” Grant’s Virginia campaign caused irreparable damage to the Army of Northern Virginia, pride of the armies of the Confederacy. It was the beginning of the end for Lee’s army and for the Confederacy, as well. Longstreet warned his comrades of Grant’s tenacity and determination, and even Lee remarked that if Grant got below him, it would only be a matter of time. The 6 weeks of heavy fighting begins in early May of 1864, culminating in three horrific and unsuccessful charges at Cold Harbor before Grant orders Meade’s army to withdraw before heading across the James River and establishing the largest military installation in the western world until the beachhead established by the allies in June of 1945.

Meeting with Grant at his headquarters, you will be inside a briefing of the grand design of the Virginia Campaign. There will be stories about the decision making and tales of the conversations among Grant and the other offices during the fighting.

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